Q. How is NorthStar Credit Solution Different?

NorthStar Credit Solutions knows that choosing a company that will dive in your personal credit business is not an easy decision.  Our game plan involves YOU as well, which will educate you in the process and help you to understand the way credit works for the future.  Many companies are trying to bring your credit score higher, but fail to provide you information to sustain that score or beyond.

Q. What fees are required to start?

NorthStar Credit Solutions will do an initial free consultation and evaluate the amount of time we expect you will need to get your score to the amount you are going wanting to see.  We require a down-payment and monthly installments that will fit within your budget.

Q. What is the free consultation?

The free consultation is to evaluate your credit and for use to get to know each other — this is a partnership.  Unlike most services, if you do not want to use our services after the consultation, then you will never be charged.

Q. How does credit repair actually work?

NorthStar Credit Solutions credit repair is an art and requires the removal of inaccurate, unfounded, out of date and erroneous information.  This will increase your credit report score that is derived by your credit report.

Q. Can you remove anything from my credit report?

NorthStar Credit Solutions can remove any items that fall under the statutes of the FCRA (www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/031224fcra.pdf).

Q. How long does it take to repair my credit?

NorthStar Credit Solutions prides itself on the accuracy over the amount of time; considering that many companies will get the client to the score they want and then the score immediately drops within in time because the creditor will decide to put up a fight.  On average, you will see a dramatic score change within 90 days.

Q. What states does your services cover?

NorthStar Credit Solutions is nationwide.

Q. What if I want to also get my wife’s credit fixed?

NorthStar Credit Solutions provides a special rates for 2-person credit repair.

Q. When is the best time to start your service?

NorthStar Credit Solutions believes the best time to get started is always after your free consultation, but also 3-6 before any credit purchases.  This will provide you with the adequate time to regain your credit resurrection.

Q. Is my information secure?

NorthStar Credit Solutions has a reputation that it wants to continue and privacy is a major foundation in continuing the reputation.  Our secured database and software protects your personal information.  Our servers are backed up routinely and documents are shredded after we close the account.  Please review our Privacy Policy.

Q. Can I sign-up online?

Yes, NorthStar Credit Solutions encourages clients to signup online by clicking here and booking an online spot with one of our agents.  Furthermore, we ask that you write your questions down on a notebook and be prepared to ask them during our consultation.

Q. What is the best payment method for your service?

NorthStar Credit Solutions is not biased to any payment method — except cash.  We offer all payment methods except cash.

Q. Do you offer a service that will replace my identity with that of another person?

NorthStar Credit Solutions does not participate in any replacement of identity.

Q. Am I locked into a contract?

NorthStar Credit Solutions only holds you to a 4 month contract after your free consultation and your initial down-payment.  After your 3 months of service, you will be on a month-to-month agreement.

Q. Does NorthStar Credit Solutions offer an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate is a person or company that chooses to refer friends, families, or customers to NorthStar Credit Solutions.  The advantages of being an Affiliate is that it is free and you get paid.  If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate please refer to your agent.